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Bee and Pollination Festival Was Buzzing

Standing in the marquee at the Bee and Pollination Festival felt as close to being in a hive as one could imagine as it was absolutely buzzing with activity! As I weaved my way between the stalls I caught little pieces of conversations going on –“...beekeeping is not easy...first thing you need to do is take a course...”, “...which shutter speed should you use if you’re trying to get the wings of a bee in flight...” and “...have you heard of colony collapse disorder...” . My 5-year old was busy making a giant paper bee, while my husband spoke to the folks at the allotment display and I was admittedly taste testing some of the amazing local varieties of honey. There was something for everyone.
The University of Bristol Botanic Garden hosted the 4th annual Bee and Pollination Festival on the 7th and 8th of September, and as usual, people came out by the hundreds to celebrate bees and other pollinators that perform an essential ecosystem service. We do love our bees!
Becoming a beekeeper