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Keeping your head above water: plants coping with waterlogging

By Helen Roberts
Britain has had its fair share of flooding over the last couple of years. In 2014, the Somerset Levels was under water for weeks and 2015 saw some truly devastating flooding occurring in the northwest of England. Flooding can have detrimental effects on our own lives, but also on plant communities.

Waterlogging of plants can cause chlorosis (loss of the normal green colour) of the leaves, root rot and eventually death. It’s a common problem that many gardeners face every day and there are different techniques to cope with this ever persistent problem on our shores. Precautions are even taken at the University of Bristol Botanic Garden during this wet weather.

"As far as the garden borders go, we're very careful about never walking on them when there's been heavy rain," explained Andy Winfield, horticultural technician at the Botanic Garden. "If we have to get on a border for any reason, we use a board and then fork over where it was to prevent …